1. Who is eligible to participate in the summer school?

  • International students and/or youth from the Greek Diaspora (18 +) interested in learning Modern Greek.

2. When can I apply for my participation?

  • Application deadline is March 1st, 2024

3. Can I get credit from my participation in the summer school?

  • Yes, 5 ECTS.

4. Will I get a certificate of attendance?

  • Yes, all successful participants in the summer school program receive a University of the Aegean certificate.

5. Is there a refunding policy in place in case of program cancelation?

  •  If the program is cancelled for any reason,  your payment will be fully refunded.

6. Is there access to a hospital near the hotel/university? 

  • Yes, there is one hospital and one clinic in Rhodes,  not far from the campus and hotel.

 7. Do I need any documentation to come to Greece in order to participate in the Summer School? 

In order to travel to Greece to participate in the summer school a valid passport and identification card are needed. Moreover, depending on the nationality of the participating students, it may be required to obtain a visa for entering the country, even though for most countries visa is not required.  Visa requirements can be found on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the following link


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